Special Events

Special EventsCapturing Priceless Events and Making Them Timeless

Capture Media covers a variety of events, including bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras, sweet 16, corporate events, and countless other special occasions in the San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, TX area. Contact us today for professional film coverage of your next event!

Capture Media Special Event Criterion

On the day of your special event, Capture Media’s professional photographers and videographers make sure to:

  • Plan ahead. This entails finding a good location to shoot from, i.e. one that captures the best light and background.
  • Prepare for all types of weather, if shooting outdoors.
  • Capture the best action/candid/posed shots.
  • Ensure the natural skin tone and eye coloring of persons within photos.
  • Use high-quality lenses best suited for the event.
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